Camarillo Sunset Intimate Wedding

Bradley + Hannah

I met these two through past clients & mutual friends at their engagement shoot. They were two authentic people who genuinely loved the Lord, easy going and who were just natural in front of the camera. 

Their wedding happened to be scheduled during this 2020 pandemic and they somehow managed to make it happen without rescheduling. Just as any other couple getting married in 2020, they chose to keep their wedding date and make a ton of hard changes. One of those hard changes was to keep their guest number at only 10. With only family and closest of friends. 

Even though there were many changes in their wedding planning, everything still turned out to be as beautiful as ever. 

I know this year has been different for many, it’s made us appreciate the smaller things, the actual reason on why a wedding happens. It’s not the glamour, it’s not the amount of people there, it’s not the nitty gritty details, it’s the commitment of two people promising to love, to choose, to live life with each other. 

That’s what 2020 weddings have taught me. 

But back to Bradley & Hannah, they were another couple who I absolutely adored. Scroll down to see all the magic! 

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