Chattsworth Garden of the Gods Engagement - Mike + Andrea

Mike + Andrea

Andrea was my very first roommate when I had first moved to LA. She has been the sweetest most genuinely kindest person you’ll ever meet. And we had been roommates for almost 2 years.

I’ve seen these two from when they were first just friends to where they are now. They definitely a beautiful love story written by God himself. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to shoot their wedding or let alone, just be there due to me being booked already on the same day. These two are life long friends to both Joey and I, so it was a definite bummer when I found out.  

Anyways, we both got married within two months of each other. And I love looking back seeing how we all hung out together on double dates and now are married and doing different things. 

Scroll down to see all the magic in a glimpse! 

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