Lincoln Sacramento Wedding - Jesse + Karmell

Jesse & Karmell

These two grew up together at the same church. Jesse had total interest in her throughout High School and not till college they finally started dating. 

Karmell is a sweet strong woman. She’s tiny, but she’s definitely mighty.  Jesse, in my opinion, think of Jim from The Office, and you have just about the exact picture. Together, they are hilarious and sweet and just about, yes, perfect for each other.

I met them at one of her friends weddings that she was a bridesmaid of in Hawaii. And there I actually met her now, husband, and that’s when he had proposed and I was able to document that very special moment. 

They had a beautiful wedding just on the outskirts of Sacramento with the sweetest ceremony representing a filipino tradition during the unity section of the ceremony. You can tell that their wedding was focused on honor, love, and respect around both their parents, which I absolutely loved. 

Scroll down to see all the magic in a glimpse! 

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