Moody Muir Beach Elopement

John + Lalita

These two were an absolute dream. Both John and Lalita were so genuine, kind, and extremely easy going. Lalita is from Venezuela while John is from the Bay Area and are now living in Napa, California. They both met a couple years ago and have loved each other since then. 

They decided to elope and hopefully do a full wedding next year. They eloped at one of their favorite spots in the Bay Area, which was Muir Beach Overlook. A cool little walkway that ends on an overlook of Muir Beach and the cove.. hence the name. (insert winking emoji)

The day they eloped, it was heavy fog all over which I absolutely loved. Although you can barely see the ocean, the fog became somewhat of a feel that they were getting married in the clouds. They had just their immediate family and closest friends surrounded around them along with wine & charcuterie afterwards and then lunch at Sausalito. Couldn’t be any more perfect than that. 

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