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We create images that help you feel comfortable in front of the camera with guidance and direction while still capturing those raw, warm moments. These moments include you laughing under the rain and not caring about your hair, running across the street under the moonlight, you and your groomsmen crying as you guys pray together, or your girls taking that quick shot of vodka before walking down the aisle. 

We are in love with romance & intimacy, natural lighting, and REAL moments that document the true narrative of your love story.

Our goal is to not only document your special day, but to be your friends. Because life is all about surrounding yourselves with people and doing life together. 

So, if you are looking for something that's real over the posed and fake smiles, let's create some beautiful photos together. 


We live in a 35 ft travel trailer on a 10 acre farm that we are constantly making renovations on. We attempt to have our own little garden on the property all while still searching for the perfect chickens for our chicken coup that Joey built. We constantly take walks around the property with our pups and watch the sunset. We are on-the-road junkies traveling all over California on a regular basis because we love exploring new places and seeing our families. When we're home, you'll find us watching some kind of documentary, singing, or slow dancing to our vintage vinyl collection that we love so much. 


We're both Southern Californian's at heart. Joey is from Los Angeles while Aly is from San Diego. Both families are still in LA and SD which is why we roam around California often. We met in LA when Aly moved to LA and was involved at a church. Joey had started attending that same church because of mutual connections and from there our love story began. 

We were friends for a good year or two flirting unknowingly here and there, started dating for a couple months afterwards and started our craze for exploring new places, was engaged for 5 months, and bam, got married in Joey's grandparent's backyard. 


Meet Isla, the newest Tovar coming soon! We are so in love with our baby girl already and are so excited for her to be joining our team. So far, we know that she has mommy's nose and daddy's hands. She is in love with sweets and occasionally Chick-Fil-A. Most of all, she loves to do acrobatics late in the evening after dinner and sometimes early in the morning. 

Then meet Mila & Milo. Our first (fur) babies. The crazier ones in the Tovar house.  Mila is the red mini Aussie and Milo is the big-eyed dachshund/corgi. (yes, definitely not a little golden retriever (; ) They love to be by our sides, argue for the same bone, and loves to play catch. We are in love with them and can't wait for baby Isla to be joining all the ruckus!


"If you want an amazing photographer with the sweetest souls and great eyes, hire them! We eloped in Joshua Tree and they drove out there to document our special moment. "

- M. Parker

"We love love love their chill relaxed style and quality pictures/edits! They were so flexible with us for our engagement pictures. Getting up before sunrise and riding in the back of our Jeep to the picture location. They were so sweet and accommodating. Love each and every picture from our engagement and wedding.”

- A. Young


an investment you'll never forget

We believe that this day is all about you and that every love story is a perfect story. We're always ready for a new adventure.

 So let’s do this thing.

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